Monday, 8 August 2016


Oblivion: the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one.

Moving from Elvish to circular Gallifreyan! My Gallifreyan inspired jewellery began a few years ago with paper pendants, painted to look like metal. Why? I thought that making them out of wire would be way too complicated. A few months ago, however, I happily proved myself wrong and made a wirework gallifreyan pendant. But I wanted something else, something more. Instead of scaling the project up, I decided to scale it down

This is what I started with a few hours ago: a sketch, wire, my translation sheet, pliers and a mandrel. For a first attempt at a wirework circular Gallifreyan ring, I love it a whole lot! I don't really document my complete process as detailed when I'm just experimenting with a first version This always leaves me with a reason to make a second version and prevent some of the mistakes I made in number one.

The biggest issue I have with this ring is the spelling. Technically, it doesn't say oblivion, but objivion. The "l" requires three dots, which I usually make with small metal beads. For this project, they were way too big. So, I decided to leave them out, and I have to admit: it still looks pretty amazing : ) 

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